Calgary Comic Expo - Electromagnetic Ferrofluid Window


In April, 2012 I kicked off a project with Protospace Calgary to build an interactive electromagnetic ferrofluid display window for presentation at the Calgary Comic Expo 2012 along side our awesome friends at Solarbotics. At the beginning of the project we had these farfetched ideas we had hoped to achieve by uniting my sporadic artistic outbursts with the linear logic of electronics, and the the immense expertise of fellow Protopian Dan Damron (a man of many talents), who ran with this project like a champ to get the electronics perfect. After many o' late nights in the shop we found that we had far-exceeded our expectations by creating an 8-electromagnet circuit programmed to run on patterns and respond to external sounds. All the electronics were embedded behind a removable acrylic ferrofluid window and within a custom designed laser cut acrylic stand and base. The encasement is clear so you can see how it was built, and how it operates.

The project was a huge success and garnered great interest in Protospace and ferrofluid displays at the Comic Expo. Protospace had sold out of the 100 small ferrofluid display cells I had donated to raise funds.

Below I have included pictures of the piece in various stages of completion as well as video from the Comic Expo.